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Mamma Mia (10 video - 0 phim)

Cập nhật mới nhất 26/08/2018 14:52

Star Family Show Mamma Mia (Hangul: 스타 패밀리쇼 맘마미아; also known simply as Mamma Mia) is a talk show in which Korean celebrities and popular figures bring their mothers. One of the hosts, Choi Minho left the show after five episodes; he was replaced by Cho Kyuhyun beginning May 19, 2013. This segment was moved to Wednesday nights. Mamma Mia was replaced with Superman Return on November 3, 2013 . Then, on 18 October, 2013 KyuHyun had announced to leave the show because of the overlap schedule with 'Radio Star' on MBC. The regular on the show and comedian, Heo GyeongHwan will replace KyuHyun's place as the MC of the show.